Hi Everyone! Everyone has seen a vehicle along side the road, hood up with smoke rolling out from the engine compartment. Ever wonder what happened? Ever been in that situation? Recently a vehicle rolled up to our front door with so much smoke coming out that we were sure it was on fire! Everyone ran Read More »

Hi Everyone! Sorry to all of those sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear the answer to the Blog posted on the Salem Chamber of Commerce’s face to face page. And for those who missed it I am reposting it here! Have I got one for you! It seems that the summer Read More »

I’m asked all the time how long wiper blades should last.  The answer is, of course, that it depends.  Wiper blades are affected by ultraviolet rays, heat, acid rain, road salts, and debris.  And of course just plain use.   On average, we recommend that you change out your wiper blades twice a year.  At the Read More »

A young woman was asked what engine she had and she replied a 710. The confused technician asked “how do you know it’s a 710″ and she said that it was right on the engine. This is the photo she sent as proof. What do you think?

Here is our commercial which first aired May 2009 (Click to play)

Top of the Mornin to Ya! Today a customer learned a very difficult lesson! The story starts last night when the customer came home, parked the car in the garage and went to spend time with the family. Just one little mistake, the customer had turned on the headlamp override switch. This bypasses the automatic Read More »