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Have you ever heard a noise coming from your car that was not there before?

I am here to say, “Do not ignore it!”

A father, who will remain unnamed for this story, was informed by his daughter that her car was making some kind of grinding noise. The next morning the father looked the car over and took it for a short drive. He was unable to find anything wrong! In fact he could not hear the noise! He told her that the noise must be normal and to continue driving the car.
Several weeks went by before the daughter said something to her mother.(Sorry guys this gets really bad for us from here!) Now the mother, knowing her daughter, knew that if she was saying something about it, it must be bad. So she had us check the car out. After test driving the car for about ten feet, we knew where to look and lifted the car up on a lift. When we raised the car off the ground, the right wheel, tire, hub bearing and all fell to the floor!

Can you imagine if this had happened at freeway speeds?

Often people will hear a noise or feel some vibration and continue to drive a vehicle not realizing what could happen! Please stop and have a qualified technician check it out. It can in the long run save you money or better yet save your life!

Why you ask did the father not experience the problem? The bearing after sitting all night had cooled down and the grease in the bearing became more solid, therefore it was better at lubricating the worn bearing in the hub. The daughter later shared with us that the noise early on only happened after driving on the freeway.

Hope this helps! Be safe!

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